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There are a lot of free March Madness Pool sites (or bracket managers) out there. But 03madness.com is different (about the name: get it? 03 = march?).

This site is dfferent because we focus on special rules that the free march madness pool sites don't offer. And our site is a lot more straight-forward and easier to use. You get your own web page that all your players go to. This makes everything a lot easier and more clear. You can also modify your web page, like, add a document for rules, put in comments, stuff like that. Lastly, the other different thing about us is we set up the brackets early so you can check things out and see how it works.

We now have the latest test brackets by pulling in the lastest standings and estimated brackets from various "bracketology" sites. The best of these are:

Note: I have found that the comments on these sites give you some good clues as to who to pick for your bracket. The only ones to ignore are the ones that mention "our team" or "us", as the commentor may be biased since it's "his" team. So with these Early Brackets for 2023 so you and your players can practice making your picks early, you can even start planning out your brackets and get a head start on your opponents!

The other different thing about our site is that we offer custom programming to make the program suit your rules. If you've been running it your special way on a spreadsheet all these years, now may be the time to finally make the jump to the web! If you have custom change requests, we can usually do them very cheaply. But get your requests in quick, it takes time, so we need quite a bit of lead time before March Madness starts. So, we can customize our pool for your rules.

One of our special rules is the "upset bonus". If you pick an upset team, you get the points for that round PLUS the difference between the seed values. So, for example, if you pick a 16-seed to beat a +1 seed, you get a 15-point bonus! (Keep in mind, that has never happened!, so it would be a long shot!). EDIT: In 2018, #16 UMBC beat #1 Virginia!! So it CAN happen!

When you set up a pool, you get your own personal web page. This makes it easy for you to tell your players where to sign in. For example: http://www.03madness.com/joespool.htm.

Your web page has all the options and reports available for the pool from one convenient page. And you can customize your own page as well.

March Madness 2024 Schedule
"Selection Sunday" otherwise known as the Selection show is March 17th 2024,and the final matchups (not counting the play-in game results) will be announced after 7:00 PM EST. So starting then is when you want your players to start making their final picks. But they CAN wait until after the play-in games are over. The play-in games will be on Tuesday March 19/20, and then the 64-team tournament starts on Thursday March 21 around 12:20 PM EST. So you'll want your deadline to be March 21st probably noon would be good. Unless you want to make everyone pick BEFORE the play-in games start, in which case they'd have to pick before March 19, but that gives you a small window for everyone to get their picks in, normally the deadline would be on Wednesday or early Thursday. PLUS on some of the lower seed teams, they won't be able to see who the actual team is yet. (It will be, like, "Team A OR Team B").

So what we have for March Madness dates and times is:

Running your regular (pick-all) office football pool online

In addition to the 100 square football pool, we also have a great NFL / college football pool system that you can use to run your office football pool online. You get your own personal page just like with the squares pool. And it's easy to use, and extremely configurable for different rules. you can set one up here:
Run your office football pool online at castle64.com

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