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Every pool gets it's own Personal Page. For example, the personal page for "Andy's March Madness Pool" might be andys.htm The only restriction is no spaces, and no special characters (except underscores). Put the page name only in here. On the internet, your page will be under our domain, for example, So don't try to put in "http" or anything like that. Again, in the above example, it would be just "andys.htm":

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POOL POINTS We have defaulted in standard points that are often used, but you can change them
Points for Round 1 (64 teams, 32 winners)
Points for Round 2 (32 teams, 16 winners)
Points for Round 3 - Sweet Sixteen Round - (16 teams, 8 winners)
Points for Round 4 - Elite Eight Round (Regional Playoffs) (8 teams, 4 winners)
Points for Round 5 - Final Four Round (National SemiFinals) (4 teams, 2 winners)
Points for Round 6 - Championship (2 teams, 1 winner)

Default is no bonus. Or you can have the bonus be the DIFFERENCE between seeds: e.g. 12-seed beats a 5-seed, bonus is 7. Or you can have the bonus be THE SEED, e.g. a 5-seed wins, you get 5, an 11-seed wins you get 11, a 1-seed wins you get 1 bonus point. Finally, you can have the difference between the seeds TIMES the round#, so picking an upset in later rounds gives you a higher bonus:
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This options sets when you can see other peoples picks. It's either (a) only AFTER the pool is closed, or (b) ANYTIME. Personally I like (b) because it gives you some strategy. You can go, "hmmm, everyone else is picking Arizona, I'm going to be different and go with Villanova"
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